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Are your coaches accessible for passengers in wheelchairs?


Our wheelchair accesible charter coach coach is able to accommodate two motorised wheelchairs and upto 3 standard wheelchairs. Passengers in wheelchairs sit with the rest of the passengers and enjoy the same interaction as everybody else, without ever having to leave their chair. Our aim is to make bus transportation easy for all members of the community in The Blue Mountains, Penrith and Western Sydney. We are a bus company that prides itself on including everyone. For Blue Mountains Bus hire and Penrith Bus hire give Near or Far Bus and Coach a call.

What is the carrying capacity of the seat-belted vehicles?


We have a choice of seat-belted coaches and high capacity buses depending on your group requirements. 

Seat-belted coaches carrying capacity is determined by the number of seat-belted seats. This number can never be exceeded. Please let us know how many people are travelling so we can provide the appropriate vehicle.

What is the carrying capacity of buses without seat-belts?


The carrying capacity in our buses is more flexible, but still governed strictly.

Our high capacity bus can carry upto 89 adult passengers (57seated with 32 standees)

This bus can aslo carry upto 85 primary students with 4 staff (3 to a seat).

Great for quickly and efficiently moving people.

Can you provide us with packages?


We pride ourselves on striving to meet each individual's needs.

Creating itineraries is what we do!

We can organise meals, outings, accommodation and anything else you may need. (Pending on availabity of the third service party provider).

School camps and group itinerarys are our specialty.

What about eating and drinking on the vehicles?


As per Transport for NSW guidelines and to ensure we keep our vehicles clean and tidy for all of our customers, the consumption of food and drink is prohibited. The exception being bottled water and food for medical purposes. We especially ask that chewing gum be disposed of correctly, in one of the bins provided.

There is never, ever a silly question!


Please let us know if we can help! There is never a silly question and our business is to help and ensure our customers are comfortable with their upcoming travel. Please call us with any questions, if we can advise you we are only too happy to do so. We work with you to solve any problems. We want your charter experience to be the best.